Sasha W.

Sasha W. is a queer, South Asian, Sri Lankan with organizing roots and homes in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Madison and DC. Sasha is the Organizing Director at the National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA), working to build the power of LGBTQ API communities towards a world where all queer and trans people of color can thrive. The core of Sasha's work is a belief that we have what we need to win, that the margins of our communities will lead us towards liberation, that we can transform ourselves and our people to build real power, and that we must organize towards a world without borders, prisons or binaries. Sasha has also been part of a variety of organizing and political education projects including: Asians for Black Lives, LASSI: Los Angeles Solidarity Summer Institute, No Dane County Jail Coalition, Queer South Asian National Network, South Asian Youth Movement and more.