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Attendee Checklist

Community Agreements

Here are some common community agreements that we ask y’all to observe and practice, not only during the workshop and Storytime components of the conference, but throughout the entire weekend:

Lastly, for this year, we would like to add the following community agreement:

In the past, QACON has tended to provide the most space to “conventionally attractive,” masc/uline, cisgender gay (East) Asian bodies, and as we (the 2018 committee) check ourselves, we ask that y’all (the conference-goers) also be aware of your privileges in this space and how your decisions and actions may affect, microaggress, or otherwise invisibilize the bodies that not only need, but deserve our allyship in this space. Our community must be more mindful, and even in our eleventh year of organizing, we recognize and apologize for the times we have been silent.

This list of agreements is open. If you’d like to add to or amend the list of community agreements at any point during the conference, please talk to a facilitator or committee member.

— QACON ’18 Planning Committee